How to Use a Yoga Bolster to Improve Your Yoga Practice

Yoga bolster are a great accessory to have in your yoga practice. They help you stay stable in difficult poses, improve your posture, and prevent injuries.

There are a wide variety of bolsters available on the market, so choose one that meets your needs and preferences. They vary in size, shape, and fillings.

Seated Forward Fold

Seated Forward Fold (Uttanasana) is a yoga staple and often found in vinyasa flow, ashtanga, and sun salutations. This pose is known to stretch and lengthen the hamstrings, lower back and neck area.

Anatomically, the position of your pelvis plays a key role in how effective this posture is. When tight hamstrings pull down, they can tuck the pelvis under and round the low back.

This can be avoided by lengthening the muscles along your vertebral column and bringing your upper-back side of your pelvis forward in this pose.

Alternatively, you can practice this pose with bent knees instead of straightening them for greater focus on the leg and back stretch. You may also choose to place a bolster beneath your knees perpendicular to your legs for support.

Reclined Twist

A reclining twist is a gentle yoga pose that helps to release tension and toxins in the body. It also stimulates the nerves and creates balance within the spine.

When doing this yoga pose, it is important to keep the core engaged throughout the entire pose. This will help to prevent any injury.

Intensity of the Twist

In this seated pose, it is often helpful to place a folded blanket or bolster under the knees to support them and lessen the intensity of the twist.

It is also important not to elevate the neck when doing this pose, as this can cause pain or a pins and needles feeling in the head. Alternatively, you can twist your head to the same side as your knees for a more gentle stretch.

Puppy Pose

Puppy pose is a simple yet effective pose which relieves your stress and helps you relax after a tiring day. It also increases your self-confidence.

It is a relaxing backbend and heart melter which combines child’s pose and downward facing dog. The pose stretches the back and shoulders, while calming your mind and improving blood circulation.

The Uttana Shishosana (Extended Puppy Pose) is a basic forward bending pose that is suitable for beginners and intermediate practitioners of yoga. It combines the downward dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) with child’s pose (Balasana).

Melting Heart Pose

The Melting Heart Pose is a backbend that stretches the upper and mid back, shoulders, and chest. Like Quarter Dog, this pose is very similar and targets all the meridians of the arms, upper chest, and back.

It also helps improve circulation to the heart area and relieves stress. It is recommended for people with high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems.

To get into this yoga pose, lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Alternatively, you can place your hands shoulder-width apart and rest your forehead on the floor.


Savasana is a restful pose that helps you relax your mind and body after yoga practice. It is an essential part of any yoga routine and should be incorporated into your daily life.

During your yoga session, you tense and release the muscles in your body by moving in and out of various poses, twisting, stretching and inverting your limbs. This helps loosen the binds that hold you back from reaching your full potential.

Final Words:

The time spent in savasana allows your parasympathetic nervous system to take over and slow down your heart rate, bringing you back into a “rest and digest” mode. This helps reduce the stress caused during yoga and helps you sleep better at night.

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