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Dental Treatment – Why is Dental Treatment Very Affordable in Turkey?

If you are looking for cheap dental treatments, you may want to consider a trip to Turkey. Turkish dental care is less expensive than the US and is often completed much faster. In the US, patients may have to wait months for root canal treatment, which can be painful and can lead to tooth loss. Compared to Turkey, this procedure is much faster. Turkish dental doctors are trained to perform all types of dental procedures with minimal time spent on each procedure.

Cost of dental treatment in Turkey

Compared to the western world, dental treatment in Turkey is very affordable. The country’s health care system is highly efficient, with a Social Security Institution that covers all preventive and curative care for residents. The Social Security Institution also provides medical insurance, covering childbirth, fertility treatments, and infectious diseases. In addition, Turkey has allowed private health institutions to flourish, resulting in a highly qualified dental care system.

One of the most common procedures that people need is dental implants. These are titanium structures placed into the jawbone to replace missing teeth. These are then covered with a dental veneer or abutment. In the US, dental implants can cost anywhere from $3500 to $7000. In Europe, dental implants can cost over $4000 a tooth. In Turkey, implants can be as low as 350 Euros, compared to up to $8500.

The cost of dental implants in Turkey is approximately 70 percent less than that of the same procedure in the U.S. Dental implants in Turkey require two to three appointments and may require extractions, bone grafting, or sinus lift surgeries. You should also expect to spend a week or more at the clinic, depending on the procedure. There are a number of advantages to dental treatment in Turkey, including the high quality of care, low cost, and convenience.

Cost of dental implants in Turkey

The exchange rate in Turkey makes dental implants affordable for foreigners. However, foreigners with hard currencies must be prepared to pay more than the local prices. Dental tourism in Turkey is booming, and thousands of tourists come to Turkey each year for dental implant surgery. This creates a competitive and profitable market for dental practitioners. High volume of orders translates to lower prices of materials and equipment. In addition, the Turkish government has recognized the benefits of medical tourism and the dental industry.

Dental implants in Turkey cost half to two-thirds less than in Western Europe or the United States. This price difference allows patients to cover the cost of travel and other expenses related to the procedure. Turkey is also much more affordable than other health tourism hotspots. The currency crisis is one of the main reasons for this lower cost and has benefited both dental clinics and patients. The minimum cost for an all-on-four dental implant is $1500.


The highest cost for this type of implant surgery is $10500

Dental implants in Turkey can be a great choice if you are looking for an affordable alternative to traditional crowns and bridges. Dental implants in Turkey are highly effective and can replace a missing tooth. The procedure can be performed in a single visit, with a single dental implant costing around 80% less than its US and UK counterparts. Patients should strictly follow the dentist’s instructions for the first few days after the procedure.

Cost of veneers in Turkey

The cost of veneers in Turkey is very affordable, and this is due in large part to the currency. The Euro and US Dollar are stronger in Turkey than their counterparts, making it possible for you to save money by opting for veneers in Turkey. You will also be able to choose a dentist who has the expertise and experience to perform the procedure.


Most Turkish dental clinics also offer discount packages for larger orders

The procedure takes approximately five days and requires three appointments in the clinic. After getting a quote from a clinic, you should plan a suitable date to have your veneers induced. It is recommended to send a photo of your teeth to the dentist and indicate how many veneers you need. A dentist will evaluate the condition of your teeth and make a recommendation about the treatment plan. If you are not satisfied with the dentist’s advice.


you can change your mind and seek a different clinic

Dental services in Turkey are much cheaper compared to those in the West. This is because the Turkish government is supportive of the medical tourism industry. Turkish dentists also enjoy lower operational and laboratory expenses. This means you can save up to 70 percent, and you don’t have to compromise on the quality of care. It’s also important to know that the cost of dental veneers in Turkey is not indicative of the quality of care. In fact, Turkish clinics often use the same brand of veneers as those in other countries.

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